Revealing the healing within...

Revealing the healing within...

Revealing the healing within...Revealing the healing within...Revealing the healing within...

Your body...your innate wisdom...

Introducing YOUR healing genius.

Your subconscious mind remembers everything you've ever tasted, smelled, felt, heard and experienced.  Everything.  And it remembers exactly when and why things became trapped, stuck, locked in and began to create imbalance in your body, mind and spirit. And through this brilliant tool called The Body Code, we can discover EXACTLY what requires releasing, clearing or aligning to allow the natural healing process to unfold.  Sometimes instantly. 

Bioenergetic Healing is the extra mind around the table of healing that has been missing ~ yours.


Healing for EVERY BODY


All Humans

We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and beliefs. These are the ones that journey most closely with me and have benefited from this work right from the beginning. So let's start with you and your world and all the people who matter to you. This body of work radically blesses and the ripple effect knows no end.


All Animals

I began my work with animals with my guys ~ Ovi, Mason ~ and our twenty year old thoroughbred Hunter/Jumper ~ Eccentric (obviously missing from this picture).  With confidence, I moved into the healing of some very tricky cats and the journey continues.  Animals are wide open to healing through energy and the results are often instant.   


All things ENERGY.

Because EVERYTHING is energy, nothing is excluded from this work. Challenged bank accounts, mounting bills, diminishing health,  significant relationships and even toxic energy between neighbours.  Everything you can imagine can be influenced using this gift of The Body Code.