What others are saying...

Paul J. New Westminster, BC

The Emotion Code/Body Code is amazing work! Karen and I have worked on numerous issues over the course of the past few months, and while I have noticed significant shifts in all the areas of concern that we've worked on, none has been so significant as the shifts around money and prosperity. We have cracked my world open... beyond anything I've ever experienced before! I am deeply grateful to both this work and Karen Shumka for her masterful facilitation.

Brenda H, Burlington, VT

Emotion Code and Body Code have opened up new doors of understanding digging deeper into how I think.  The fact that it taps into my energies and those of my heirs to unleash what might be preventing me from being the best that I can be is truly amazing.  I feel that it has unleashed my heart to live without limits. I'm so grateful that Karen introduced me to this work and for her unique talents!

Jill F, Tsawwassen, BC

Karen Shumka is the real deal. She is a gracious leader of healing with ground breaking ideas and solutions that restore minds and hearts. Karen's coaching delivers authentic communication with deep listening skills to connect and create transformative lives. I highly recommend Karen as a healer and have personally grown beyond expectation having aligned my life journey with hers. Thank you Karen.

Dana G. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Karen's work with me through Body Code has enabled me to maintain the body-mind-spirit connection necessary to identify and mitigate the anxiety triggers that precede my depressive episodes. I am relieved and delighted to say that I have not had a major depressive episode since I began sessions with Karen. I highly recommend Karen's Body Code work as an excellent support for any treatment or healing process you may be undergoing, it is truly transformative!

Hannah S. Victoria, BC

I've had the benefit of ongoing Emotion Code and Body Code Work through spinal surgery and quick recovery.  Less pain after sessions was measurable!  I love how we don't even have to be in the same city.

Leanne K. Ladner, BC

Working with Karen on Emotion Code/Body code has freed me from limiting beliefs and has allowed me to step into loving and accepting myself. I now feel wide open to unlimited possibilities and am excited to see what's next! I am full of gratitude for Karen and her gracious guidance.

Dorothy B. Pt. Roberts, WA

Karen is passionately committed to a journey of wholeness - of discovering barriers that constrict the spirit and uncovering layers of defenses that muffle the soul.  She is relentless in her search for the highest good in herself and others.  She is finely tuned and connected to Divine.  I have experienced and witnessed Karen’s healing energy first-hand. The fact that I can now sleep soundly is one of my greatest gifts from this work. 

Carla N. Clayton Heights, BC

For over 10 years I've known Karen to be a life-long learner and a serious student of understanding how to champion and support individual growth and lead people with confidence and deep knowing. Karen's embracing of Emotion Code and Body Code is a beautiful fit for her gifts of insight and listening. I am a very willing and trusting client. Karen uses the process with grace and precision. She works swiftly and her openness and acceptance creates a space of trust and relaxation.  She easily uncovered my unknown obstacles and continues to delve deeper and deeper with confidence in the work and the process. I’m noticing that I have far less anxiety; I’m not tormented with old thought patterns and I feel more open and grounded and I’m actually loving myself more. 

Jennifer V. White Rock, BC

I have recently been connecting my counselling clients with Karen for Emotion / Body Code healing. What I find partnering with Karen is that, as she taps into the subconscious, it makes my working with somebody with PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, other mental health issues ~  anything that affects our brain ~ easier,  as she is able to bring the hidden to the surface allowing my work to be far more effective.

All my clients have definitely resonated with Karen, as she is extremely talented with her being able to tap into our layers that have been buried so deeply. I recommend her work to anybody working in my field as a counsellor or therapist who’s trying to tap to that root cause of what’s going on quickly.  It’s a perfect partnership.

Halina K. Poland

My sister and I are noticing huge shifts in Retinitis Pigmentosa ~ Body Code is brilliant at accessing where the answers really lie.